The battle is spiritual

eace25ae30a2e13698ba02795a38757aWith all the talking heads explaining the who what where and how of this present administration in goverment, its reassuring to know the Word of God.

A nation that repents and seeks to return back to God is headed in the right direction. Man’s ways are not God’s ways. What we think is right to do in our own eyes may not be right in God’s eyes. “There are ways that seem right unto a man,yet lead to death.Our ways are not His ways”.

A leader that puts God first before the oath of office brings about the attention of enemy forces not equip to battle what our Lord and Savior has blessed. After so many years we the people have begun to awake to the lingering deception that has kept us asleep.

As a result of seeking the right way to bring about prosperity again in this nation, enemy agendas have come to light. Regardless of what positive effects have taken place for the American people, there are those who continue to hold to the ideal that, through spiritual blind ambitions, the hold on the people must continue. So in desperation of that issue, deliberate and desperate actions on their part have formed on all sides to attempt to stall if not stop what God has blessed.

Child of God know this, that through faith in Christ Jesus whom they (the world) thought was dead yet lives forever; ” No weapon formed against us in judgement shall prosper”. “If God be for us, we are more than conquerers through Christ Jesus”. “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world”.

It is written that we donot wrestle against flesh and blood,but spiritual wickedness in high places. The motivation in the world today as before,is that satan the accuser of the bretheren continues to do battle against the people of God. He tries to use the ungodly in an attempt to deceive and tempt through distractions.

No worldly government can ever take the place of God Almighty who was, is and is to come. Our fight is not carnal, but spiritual against what is contrary to Our Heavenly Father and His Word. We are to fight the good fight. The fight isnt physical, but spiritual.

Put on the whole armor of God. Stand in the battle through prayer and fasting. Leave no outlet for the adversary to break through. It is written, “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.” Fight the good fight with the spiritual power that is equipt in every child of God. Pay no attention to the distractions of the world, but lay focus on what God has spoken. Grow mighty reading God’s word, speaking what He has given you to speak. This do in love to those who dont know Him. Keep fighting the good fight. Stand focused on God. The war has already been won through Jesus Christ.


AC Bennett

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