A love letter to you!

Jesus has loved you from the beginning of time. He has watched you grow, and has wisely built on your strengths while showing you how to overcome weaknesses in your life. From afar he has kept his watchful eye of protection against those things that would lead you to ruin and has faithfully fought for your life without you even being aware of it. With his love he has given his all to you, even though you may not have known this before. All that he has is for you. This gift that God’s Son gives will never perish with time. It is eternal and freely available to whomever may come to claim it for themselves . This gift is eternal life. Jesus promises you that he will never leave nor forsake you. We will get through this together. Trust him, he will never let you down. He is gentlea6cc89726f81d88614afb7ca78c781ca
concerning your heartfelt questions about himself and your life. Just ask him for yourself. The decision for Jesus Christ to be a part of your life is yours alone to make. Allow him into your heart today. He loves you more than you’ll ever know.


AC Bennett

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