Trust God

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart;and lean not upon your own understanding. Acknowledge him and he will direct your paths.”


I have come a long way from the time that I relied upon my own strengths to get me through tough times.

Trusting our God in every situation has been the most rewarding and life giving remedy that I recommend to everyone. He is so awesome in handling his business. I’ve learned to lean on him and to trust him all the way. There is no fear, nor anxious moments. Only peace that surpasses all of our understand in this world. With God you can go through situations and come out victorious, unscorched,and stronger from it than you thought before. What we think is a big deal in our lives,God has already defeated it. He wants us to trust him by faith to handle every part of our lives,and live for him. Not robots who are preprogrammed to respond without making choices. We were created in his image,after his likeness. Therefore we have a spiritual connection to the almighty creator of the universe.

To me that’s good news. You are not alone. Talk to God today. Speak from your heart to him where you are at this moment. He seeks a relationship with you. He loves you.

AC Bennett


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