We Have Authority Over Viruses

As Christians we have authority over all activity from the enemy. Nothing can conquer the power that has been placed in us by Jesus Christ.

That’s why it’s very important that we read the bible and study to know what is in the word of God for any situation that this world’s system throws at us.

Concerning the present matter of viruses we must study and remember in the word what Jesus said when he called his disciples together.

Matthew 10:1 reads….

And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them POWER against unclean spirits,to cast them out, and to heal ALL MANNER OF SICKNESS AND ALL MANNER OF DISEASE.

That’s ALL MANNER. Not some, but all sicknesses and diseases. You and I have direct authority given by our Lord and Saviour to command attacks from the adversary to cease when we lay hands and speak the word of God by faith unwavering without doubting. Focus on Christ, read your bible to know who you are and that you have all the resources from heaven at your disposal. Don’t forget to always go into spiritual warfare fully armored up and pray daily for his direction.

God bless,


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