Understanding Anger

To first understand anger and its effects on us all, we must first take a look at what Gods Word says about this topic. There is a difference between righteous anger and unrighteous anger.

Righteous anger is when one does what is right to do as Gods Will directs for a positive result, and not our own will. God was angry with the children of Israel when they made a false god like image and began to worship it in the wilderness just after He led them out of capitvity through the Red Sea into to desert on the otherside. Defeating their Egyptian enemies in full view of them all. (Exodus 32)

He wanted to show them that He would be their protection and help in a time of need, but they took their eyes off of Him and began to see things from the worlds view. This always brings about negative results that end up making things worse for the intended outcome. What we think is His way of punishment towards us, His children, is only a way that a loving parent disciplines and protects His children from what is waiting down the road ahead to entrap and hurt.

We can’t see everything around us in this life, but our heavenly Father can, and does every day 24/7/365 for us. He loves us so much. He is Almighty, All Knowing, Everywhere.

Unrighteous anger is the type that we use from a human perspective. This anger refers to the foolish relying by emotion on an outcome of weak and blind judgement. This anger rest in foolishness and pride. (Prov 10:12)

If we’re already hurting inside, we tend to do the same against those that are around us. Hurt people hurt people. The adversary is very aware of this tactic and tries to use it along with other deceptions to make us turn on each other. Our anger is not God’s righteous anger. Our anger seeks destruction, but God’s anger seeks cleansing and renewal to mature us by chastising us to stay on the right path that leads to life eternal. Keeping us focused and relying on Him through faith in Him that where we are, we are only in this situiation temporarily.

An angry person is considered a foolish person who reacts instead of pro acts. Anger is a spirit that once you let it get a hold of you, it wants to take over your life and totally dominate. Dont let it. We have the annointing to rebuke it everytime it tries to show up. Put on the whole armour of God in the time of battle. You who have been born again have the power of God within you. He has not left you in any way. God’s spirit now lives within you as a believer. Use what He has given you, and stand against the enemy in your life, in your home.

The enemy will use any occasion to throw darts of anger at us. But remember as a child of God he cannot hurt your spirit anymore. You have been saved by the Lord Jesus Christ now and renewed by His spirit. The battle is now in the mind. It is in the mind that we are confronted emotionally. Emotions are not stable. They lead us one way, then another way. It is your spirit that is made perfect through Jesus and it is His Spirit that dwells within us as believers in Christ. Satan cannot defeat it. But mentally we have to keep reading and meditating on the Word of God to renew our minds. As we read and study His Word we grow spiritually, just as we do physically. Strengthening our born again spirit by reading and studying and meditating on the Word will prepare us for anything satan attempts our way to trip us up. Eat your spiritual food.

Anger is a spirit. But God is greater than anger. Anger is subject to Him. The adversary uses it to destroy. God uses it to discipline our life to grow into mature wise children, not to hurt us as men think. The outcome of the two are totally different. We have the power to overcome all that satan trys to bring against us, by reading and rightly dividing the word of Truth. The battle is real. But we are more than conquerers through Christ Jesus.

Read scriptures relating to this. You are much greater in power through Christ than you think. Begin to use it.

God bless

AC Bennett

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